About store

  1. Owner of the Online store Tonerworld is WorldExport Sp. z o. o. company :
    WorldExport Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Ziemowita 10k
    71-717 Szczecin
    NIP: 8513199152
    REGON: 365366528
    KRS: 0000636550

  2. Order in the store Tonerworld may be submitted by any person of legal age who is registered for permanent or temporary residence on Polish territory or any company with international VAT identification number from other countries.
  3. The content of the online store Tonerworld do not constitute as an offer within the meaning of Civil Code, therefore making order by customer does not mean an immediate conclude an agreement. Customer by completing order form is making an offer to buy particular product. Placing an order is tantamount to acceptance those Terms & Conditions.
  4. We are giving VAT invoices for companies and individual persons running business. Under Polish law, the invoice do not need have a signature.
  5. VAT invoice is attached to package with ordered product and send by email to client. Copy, correction or other documents are send only by email.
  6. Valid for parties to the transaction are excluding taxes prices at the time of ordering. This does not apply to goods not available at the time of ordering and custom-order - due the possibility of currency exchange rate change.
  7. Online store Tonerworld the right to change prices of the goods without notice. The price change does not apply to excluding tax price of already made orders.
  8. Product specifications may vary and cannot be the basis for claims.
  9. All prices show in online store Tonerworld concern orders made by online store only. Purchases made in the main office, without the prior orders in the online shop are implemented on separate terms.
  10. Our products may have on the boxes small dents, scratches, inscriptions or transport labels. Products inside are in perfect condition. We sell only original products. If we offered a replacement or remanufactured product, the clear information is showed on product page in online shop.
  11. When you made order without creating an account on our website, we reserve the right to open an account in our store on your behalf.
  12. Information about products in shop are taken directly from manufacturers. We are not responsible for possible mistakes.
  13. Despite the best efforts of the accuracy of the descriptions and specifications, we cannot guarantee that the published information does not contain errors and mistakes which cannot be the basis for any claims. In case of any doubt please contact us before making a order decision.


  1. Condition of the order is to fill in the required fields in the order form. Phone numbers (mobile or land line with area code) allows our employee eventual verification of the order and contact with the client.
  2. The customer is obliged to provide in the order form email address, which will be used to sent an order confirmation.
  3. No payment for order within 3 consecutive working days from the date of order may results in cancellation of the order.
  4. All completed orders in our online store are valid. The order will be processed and considered to be binding from the date of its submission.
  5. Filling form with customer data is tantamount to consent to the storage and processing of these data by WorldExport Sp. z o. o. only for execution of orders. These data are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. The customer has the right to access his personal data and his amendments, and remove them from the database. (The Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data).
  6. Do not allow any third party characters entered in the "password" when registering in the store - these characters are unique, personally selected by the customer, and only assigned to him. Full responsibility along with the risk for making your own "password" responsibility.
  7. For correct use of the site Tonerworld client need a computer with min. 200MHz, 64MB RAM, a graphics card that supports 800x600 resolution and 256 colors and a Web browser (Internet Explorer (version> = 6.0), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome), as well as the keyboard or pointing device, allowing filling the forms. Cookies must be also enabled.
  8. After the transaction, we may ask for comment and assessment of the transaction by email.
  9. Shipping goods is made every working day between 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Orders made up to 1:00 PM will be shipped the same day (after payment), while those made after 1:00 PM are executed next day (except weekends and holidays). In special cases, we reserve the right to extend time of shipping to 4 business days.
  10. We are not responsible for delays caused by the fault of the shipping companies. Detail informations are showed on the information page regarding transport - prices for the transport and delivery time specified by the transport companies.
  11. By placing an order in our online shop Tonerworld you accept the Terms of our store.


 Payment methods

  1. Cash on delivery of goods delivered by courier (courier receives payment upon delivery of the ordered goods). The amount you will pay in cash is limited to 5,000 zł gross. Above that amount, you can only pay by bank transfer - based on previously issued by Sp. z o. o. pro forma Invoice.
  2. Cash for collection of the goods in an office WorldExport Sp. z o.o. - this form of payment require prior telephone or email contact to arrange collection and payment for orders.
  3. Prepayment by bank transfer (advance payment) - the goods are shipped after receipt of the bank transfer to our bank account (number provided after making order).
  4. Credit card or e-transfer by Dotpay.pl service.
  5. Please make the payment transfer for the goods after making confirmation in advance with the store for product availability.
  6. It is possible to make pro forma invoice.
  7. All prices of our products include a discount of 2.5%. This discount is not applicable in the case of payment for the product with Dotpay system that allows fast transfers online, pay by credit card and paying for with PayPal.


 Warranty and complaints

  1. When the customer change his mind with the purchase he has 14 days (according to the Polish law) to return the product. In this case, he covers costs of sending goods back, we give money back to a designated bank account for the amount that client paid for the goods. The product must be returned in the condition in which the customer received it in its original packaging. Opened products (cutted original producer wrapps or boxes that require invasive method of opening) will not be accepted back.
  2. When a customer sees that we sold him wrong toner or something is wrong with him, immediately after opening the package he is obliged to report the problem via email or telephone. In this case, we send a courier (at our expense) and pick up a package. We require a decent pack of the package. If possible, we will replace the toner to the correct / new otherwise we give the money for toner and shipment to the designated bank account.
  3. When a customer finds defect in the product, he is obliged to report the problem immediately by email or telephone. After confirmation, we adopt the complaint client sends a package to us at his expense. After finding the actual problem of the consumable, we offer an exchange if possible or we give money for toner and the amount he paid for shipping.
  4. In case of problems, for the fast operation of the complaint / return of the product it is necessary to fill a complaint form. The form can be found under contact page. It is necessary to choose topic named "Reclamation" or similar one and enter a valid order number. Parcels feedback please send to our address with a clear description of the defect and marked "COMPLAINT".